Update on D-supplies for North Alabama

A photo of a home in Harvest, destroyed on Wednesday, April 28, 2011, by a tornado. Multiple tornadoes ripped through the entire northern part of Alabama. Photo by Bob Gathany, property of The Huntsville Times.

Supplies began arriving today, and I’m getting emails and phone calls about more donations. So let me begin with a hearty thank you. The support has been unbelievable and overwhelming! Our pancrei might be broken, but our hearts and spirits certainly aren’t. Thank you!.

Here’s the update so everyone is informed. Saturday, we will make a trip to Tuscaloosa to drop off supplies to those in need. I’m coordinating with several agencies including JDRF, ADA and several pharmaceutical reps. I’ve also touched base with Marshall and Lincoln counties to find out what their needs are as well. I’m coordinating with volunteers to sort through the supplies Thursday night. We’ll load them into sealable containers and plan for the weekend delivery.

So far, meters and strips and insulin seem to be the biggest need. But anything you send can be used! I know of four vials of insulin that have been delivered in Madison and Limestone counties.

Remember to send unopened supplies and make sure they are not expired. ┬áThere’s a need for all kinds of insulin, but Novalog, Humalog and Lantus seem to be mentioned more than others.

A couple looks at the devastion in the Carter's Gin subdivision after tornadoes swept through Alabama Wednesday, April 11, 2011. Photo by Glenn Baeske, property of The Huntsville Times.

So far, we’ve supplied two families in Madison County with much needed Novalog. We’ve also sent Novalog via the local ADA office to families in and around Birmingham. Locally, the Madison County non-emergency clinic was supplied with several meters, lots of lancets and tons of strips.

I received my first mail-delivered supply package today from Kim. Thank you to everyone who has mailed things, and thank you to those who continue to mail supplies. You have no idea how appreciated you truly are!

If you’re not able to send supplies, remember the Red Cross. You can donate through your cell phone bill by texting REDCROSS to 90999. You can donate to our local Red Cross by mailing a check to Huntsville American Red Cross, 1101 Washington St., Huntsville, Ala. 35801.

Don’t forget to follow the updates on Twitter @victoriacumbow and don’t hesitate to email me with questions at victoria [at] victoriacumbow [dot] com. To drop off or mail supplies, call me at 256-656-8446.

And lastly, but most importantly, don’t forget to say a prayer for us. Money and supplies are wonderful, but the Alabama communities affected by this storm will need your prayers for months to come. Thank you.

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  1. Kim
    Kim May 3, 2011 at 11:47 am | | Reply

    So glad to help any way I can. Stay safe and I think what you’re doing is WONDERFUL!

  2. Fail
    Fail June 29, 2011 at 11:12 am | | Reply

    That’s definitely an Epic Win!

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