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  1. Holly
    Holly March 20, 2012 at 12:28 am | | Reply

    LONG-time reader, first time (I think) commenter. Oh. Em. Gee. I have been planning to start hiking for exercise. NO effing way!!!!! Unless you can explain to me what good a stick would have done? (I get depressed way too often to even consider owning a gun.) Wouldn’t the evil, scaly demon realize that the stick coming down upon its evil little head was a threat? And couldn’t it then bite you?

    *shivering at my desk just thinking about this*

    Why should I even imagine that I should hike, ever?

  2. Holly
    Holly March 20, 2012 at 11:58 am | | Reply

    Where around here would you suggest a first-timer go?

  3. Beth Zimmerman
    Beth Zimmerman March 20, 2012 at 5:07 pm | | Reply

    Praise the Lord for protecting both you and your dogs!

  4. Kelly Booth
    Kelly Booth March 23, 2012 at 10:03 am | | Reply

    I hate snakes! I am glad no one got bit. I would be freaking about my dog also.

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