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  1. PrincessLadyBug
    PrincessLadyBug December 9, 2012 at 11:20 am | | Reply


    I know exactly how you feel. When my Grammy died in 1994 (I still cannot believe it’s been that long), I feel like the earth’s axis shifted. I felt like the whole world rotated differently. And honestly, it’s never quite gone back to “normal”.

    I too am like my mother, but even she will tell you that I am so much more like my Grammy. My stubborn nature & refusal to give up comes directly from her. I watched her live through 12 major strokes & probably 1000 TIA’s starting in 1973. She learned how to walk & talk all over again more times than I can count. All of that taught me that until God calls you home, life ain’t over & you’d better get all you can out of it.

    So here I sit, 44 years old & 18 years after she died, crying because I know EXACTLY how you feel. And the only words I can offer you that mean anything are these, I love you, kiddo!

    (My last post about my Grammy – – just in case it might help you to feel better.)

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