I blogged about Passion last year, and it’s time to share it again. Last night, more than 65,000 college students and leaders converged on downtown Atlanta for the annual Passion Conference. It’s an amazing few days full of God’s word and worship inside the Georgia Dome. These kids make a tremendous difference toward ending human slavery in the world and doing so in the name of Jesus. They proclaim His love and His word to the nations, and the world is changing because of it. If only we could all be so bold and brave.

Passion is truly a beautiful and blessed thing to watch. Passion is live-streamed here. You can also watch past sessions here. Each is up for 24 hours after it originally aired. I encourage you to watch Passion and experience how God is moving in the world. This next generation is going to do amazing things — if you don’t believe me — watch for yourself!

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