If I am being honest, I’d tell you this season has been somewhat of a struggle for my heart.


A month ago, I lost someone very dear to me and though I know he is in a far better place, I still grieve for him and for the world I knew as a child when he was a constant in my life.

I look around and see broken friends and hurting family, and I am helpless to fix their problems but oh how I wish I could. I want to offer more than my prayers.

It seems Christmastime spent alone always brings out the lonely pieces of my heart and strengthens my desire to be part of a “we.”

Yet in these moments of grief and sadness and longing, I always see a glimpse of the goodness around me. Sometimes it’s a small thing like the sight of an ornament on my tree that brings back a fond memory or a breathtaking view while out on my bike. Sometimes it’s a larger thing like hours spent with close friends laughing at the silliest of jokes or pulling into the driveway of my tiny house I love so dearly.

But at the end of each day, whether I’m feeling gratefulness or feeling heartache, I have hope.

Hope in my future because it was promised to me long ago in a manger. Hope in the good, hope in the peace and hope in the most desolate of situations. Hope in a world that needs so much. Jesus is the hope of our world, and I am humbled and grateful for that sort of undeserving gift.

All those years ago, God used the broken and the weak to tell Christ’s birth story, and he uses the broken and the weak to share his story still. I am certainly thankful for that. Christmas is a beautiful time of year, but it can be incredibly hard, too.

My prayer is for you to see and know and trust the hope that I see and know and trust through Christ.

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