A picture is worth

A cemetery in Charleston, S.C. The rear-left marker is a woman who lost her husband as he traveled north for medical treatment. The front two markers are her parents. The empty space is where her husband would've been laid to rest. It's rumored she haunts the cemetery and will until her husband's body returns home.

While I’ve never considered myself a photographer, I take lots of pictures. I mostly blame it on my career as being around photographers all the time (like these guys) makes me desparately wish I could photograph as beautifully as my friends. If you follow other bloggers in the DOC, Diabetes Online Community, you’ll run across the Diabetes 365 project – a year in the life of someone with diabetes. My photos for D-365 will be posted under this blog category as well as any other photos I take along the way worthy of noting. Remember, I am an amateur in the utmost sense of the word.

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