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To read is to fly: it is to soar to a point of vantage which gives a view over wide terrains of history, human variety, ideas, shared experience and the fruits of many inquiries. – AC Grayling

Blogs about type 1 diabetes:

A Consequence of Hypoglycemia On Twitter: @iam_spartacus
Arnold and Me On Twitter: @arnold_and_me *can also be found at
Bad Pancreas On Twitter: @badpancreas
The Girl with the Portable Pancreas On Twitter: @portblpancgirl
Jeff Mather’s Dispatches On Twitter: @jeffmather
Me and D On Twitter: @jessmeandd
Moments of Wonderful On Twitter: @saraknic *can also be found at
Scott’s Diabetes On Twitter: @scottkjohnson
Six Until Me On Twitter: @sixuntilme *can also be found at
Texting My Pancreas On Twitter: @txtngmypancreas

Blogs about type 1.5 diabetes:

Bab’s Blog On Twitter: @babssoup *blogs about diabetes and breast cancer
Diabetic Iz Me On Twitter: @Diabetic_Iz_Me
Simon from the 70s On Twitter: @STroyCrow

Blogs about type 2 diabetes:

My Diabetic Heart On Twitter: @mydiabeticheart *blogs about diabetes and congestive heart failure
T Minus Two On Twitter: @rpederse
Your Diabetes May Vary On Twitter: @BadShoe

Blogs about raising children with type 1 diabetes:

Candy Hearts On Twitter: @mrscandyhearts
D-Mom Blog On Twitter: @dmomblog
Our Diabetic Life On Twitter: @our3Dlife *three children with type 1 diabetes
The Princess and the Pump On Twitter: @pumpingprincess
This is Caleb On Twitter: @colcalli

Blogs about faith:

Annie Blogs On Twitter: @annieblogs
Be Still and Know On Twitter: @kylegilbert
Desiring God On Twitter: @JohnPiper
A Heart Abandoned On Twitter: @linds_carter
Just a Chick On Twitter: @dedraherod
Kelly Minter On Twitter: @kelly_minter
Know Your Value On Twitter: @madewonderfully
Seeking His Heart On Twitter: @yoyokaybe
Shustlog On Twitter: @aaronshust
Sue-biquitous On Twitter: @SueDuffield
Without Wax On Twitter: @pwilson

Other blogs I enjoy:

Eat. Drink. Smile. On Twitter @betheats
In Lieu of Productivity On Twitter: @itsjustturner
Intentional Leadership On Twitter: @MichaelHyatt
Love and Olive Oil On Twitter: @loveandoliveoil
Masterpiece On Twitter: @BethZimmerman
The Salty Shark
Watch for Falling Thoughts On Twitter: @eric_j_schultz

Blogs about Auburn:

The Auburn Family – a social network
Auburn Alumni Association On Twitter: @AUAlumniAssoc
AU Family On Twitter: @aufamily
From the Bleachers On Twitter: @willcollier
Track ‘Em Tigers On Twitter: @TrackemTigers
War Blogle On Twitter: @warblogle
The War Eagle Reader On Twitter: @wareaglereader

Reading encapsulates the emotions garnered from novels, biographies and journals. It engulfs the existence of blogs and why they are so successful. Reading is learning. You can learn facts and information missed in a classroom. Reading allows you to travel to far away places through your imagination, picturing the scene just as you would envision it if you were there in the flesh — images leap off the page into a clear picture in your mind. Time and distance make many relationships difficult or impossible, but through words, time is erased and distance is narrowed. We relate to others, even if through their words. I’ll spare you my book list, but above is a list of blogs I read regularly. I hope you are able to find something interesting.

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