Looking for ideas...

Looking for ideas…

I’m in full training mode (or at least I am when I have time). I’ve started running along with my cycling and next week, I hope to add in swimming. In case you missed the earlier post, I’m participating in my first sprint triathlon. Yes, I’m aware that I’m not a swimmer and not a […]

This is what's left of a Jet Pep gas station in Arab. It was demolished from one of several tornadoes in the area today.

Tornadoes devastate Alabama, many diabetics affected

So today, multiple tornadoes swept across North Alabama, including Huntsville where I live. I’m a journalist, so I covered the storms in a town north of us, Arab. It was complete and total devastation. Emergency officials reported six people killed about half a mile away from where I was sent to report. Arab was hit […]

Three cheers for the man named Jason

Three cheers for the man named Jason

A man named Jason is my new favorite person this afternoon! I don’t know Jason, and Jason doesn’t know me. But for the past couple of weeks, Jason and I have been e-mailing back and forth┬áconcerning CGMs. Today, the man named Jason e-mailed me the last bit of info needed to secure my CGM. So […]


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