For more than 18 years, I’ve lived with type 1 diabetes. Through many ups and downs, I’ve learned more than a book could ever teach about the chronic disease. In the beginning, I often struggled with the why questions… Why can’t I eat cake? Why do I have to prick my finger? Why did this happen to me?

For years I wanted answers, and 19 years later, I still don’t have them. What I do have, however, is an amazing family that has been nothing┬ábut supportive during my diabetic triumphs and my diabetic downfalls. I have a network of friends thanks to diabetes — friends that I wouldn’t replace for all the treasures in the world. I have been touched by people through having diabetes to extents I cannot begin to describe. My life isn’t defined by diabetes because I chose to define diabetes instead. My diabetes plays the role I tell it to, which means it is not in the spotlight — at least not all the time. If my journey with diabetes can help someone along the way, then it has been worth every injection and finger prick.

While I once was a coward and hid behind the disease, I now choose to embrace it because it has brought me joy, experiences and friends I can’t imagine my life without. Looking at the care I took of myself in the past, it is only by the grace of God I am even alive. Now, I am a vocal advocate of the disease in the hopes of helping someone else through my experiences as others have done for me. I’m a proud member of the DOC, Diabetes Online Community, which helped bring me out of my shell. I’m also active in my local community through outreach and fundraising. I was recently accepted into Diabetes Advocates, part of the Diabetes Hands Foundation.

This blog is devoted to my personal experiences and my life with diabetes. It will never be sugar-coated (forgive the pun) and will always be honest – good or bad. I hope you’ll find it useful and pass it along to others. My purpose is solely to reach out to other diabetics and people directly affected by the disease.


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